How do glow reminders work? I'm having a measuring issue.

How does the glow work?

The bottle is here to remind you to drink with the gentle light glow in one or half-hour intervals (depending on how you set intervals in the app). So, if you set intervals for one hour and you drink enough water in the meantime, the bottle will not glow because you are already hydrated. If you forget to drink in between the intervals, the bottle will remind you to take a sip with a glowing signal. If you notice it is not glowing correctly, try to turn the glow reminder off and back on right away.

Measuring problem:

Please refill the bottle and make a refill gesture - this means that you empty the bottle, put it upside down until the tracker glows. Then refill the bottle, open the APP, check your connection, press the glow button (it must glow). You can then take a few sips and see if it measures correctly.

In order to make EQUA Smart easy to carry around we had to make tracker as small as possible, therefore we decided to use a movement sensor (accelerometer) like the one in smartwatches and other smart devices. We integrated machine learning which is recognizing your specific drinking patterns. With regular use, the bottle will learn and the results will get more accurate.

If you want your bottle to track your water intake as accurately as possible, please follow these two simple guidelines:

1. Make sure you fill your bottle to the fullest once you are refilling it.
2. Second, if you do not drink all the water and you want to pour it away before a refill, please shake the bottle while pouring the remaining water out – so the bottle will know that you haven't drunk all the water and that you refilled it.